Registered Dietician

A balanced life doesn’t only mean you keep yourself healthy by being active.  There are many other factors to consider – health conditions, recreational activities, maintaining a harmonious family life, getting enough rest and, of course, the food you eat.

Prestige Home Health Services, Inc. offers you the services of a Registered Dietician who can give you sound advice on nutrition and meal planning.

Registered Dieticians are able to evaluate your health, suggest meal preparation procedures, as well as a menu to suit your unique needs.  In many cases, a dietitian’s advice is invaluable for clients who are in their senior years.  Diabetic patients also get nutrition guidance in the most effective way, thereby changing their diet and, consequently, their way of life.

If you have a unique health condition and would like to look into the possibilities of adjusting your food intake to quicken your recovery, please contact Prestige Home Health Services, Inc. at 209-478-0758.